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We are your "World Class Business Solutions Provider".

Silicon Beach Group (SBG) consists of a diverse team of technologists with over 30 years of collective computer, scientific, and technology (IT) experience; both domestic and internationally. The Group formed in 2000 as a pure IT solutions provider. Our dynamic team members offer high quality, price conscious solutions to small to medium sized organizations as well as academic entities in United States and abroad.


The core services provided by SBG are as follows:

+ Web Application Development for mobile phones. Secure and reliable. Want to see some of our projects?
+ All inclusive Hosting Solutions for your customized project.
+ Database Design
+ Corporate E-Mail solutions, all secure and reasonably priced.


Database Design
Whether for customer data, stock & order tracking, or any other information important to your company, the use of an integrated database allows for easy updates, and collection of data. Using the latest programing technologies, SBG can develop a database that allows you to maximize your profitability potential. We can designing a database that will effectively capture and manipulate your company's data, and store it in an easily accessible format while allowing integration with your web or other solutions.

Hosted Applications and Email
Corporate E-mail Benefits SBG's Corporate Email Hosting solution is designed for small to mid-size businesses, schools, urban or rural. Anyone who does not want to spend valuable time and resources developing and maintaining their own internal secure e-mail infrastructure.

For many companies, taking care of corporate e-mail is not an easy task. Continued maintenance and support can quickly raise the costs.
Viruses, software and hardware problems can leave your company without e-mail or a network for many hours. Let us handle your business e-mail needs.

You will save time, money and can focus on what your business does best. Our unparalleled corporate e-mail hosting service, not only delivers email quickly and efficiently but delivers peace of mind to our client's who rely on e-mail as an essential communication tool.
Leave the server maintenance, security and server administration to us. With data centers all around the world, SBG is not far away and can customize an e-mail or application hosting solution that's just right for you.

Our web based control panel makes setting up and administering your corporate e-mail easy, allowing you to focus on what you do best.
Our corporate e-mail hosting service, just like any of our services, it is customizable to your needs, just contact us.

We are your world class solutions provider.

Contact Us. Lets quickly find the best solution for you.

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