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The 22 Best Android Apps.

Not sure what to download from the Android Market? Try these top titles, including Barcode Scanner, BeyondPod, and SkyFire. More . .




California Eyes Stronger Privacy Law.

Schwarzenegger to Decide Fate of Breach Notification Bill. The California state legislature has passed a stronger data breach notification bill that could mean - More . .




8 Weird but Cool Android Apps

So you told your boss that you bought your Android smartphone so that you could track your business calls, be more effective when traveling for your company, have easy access to Gmail and keep your organization's Twitter feed current. But we know what's really going on -- you got that smartphone because it was cool and because you wanted to play with all the apps. (And possibly because it wasn't Apple or AT&T.) Just for the heck of it, I've gathered eight free apps that are just plain fun to use. A couple of them are also actually useful; -More . .




'Halo: Reach' aims to grab gamers again

LOS ANGELES — Since fans lined up at midnight nearly three years ago for the release of the last "Halo" video game, a recession struck the economy, President Barack Obama took office and "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" became the best-selling shooter game of all time. When the prequel "Halo: Reach" debuts Sept. 14, it will land on a very different world. -MORE..




Manchester hopes to make waves in Miami

As an American, at least Michael Luger knows what to expect when Manchester Business School becomes the first British school to open a campus in the US this month. No British institution has dared to take on the might of the world’s oldest and most prestigious schools in their own backyard, though some have formed partnerships. But Prof Luger, dean of MBS, is convinced there is an appetite among executives for a more international education, when US companies are increasingly operating globally. -MORE..




PetroChina's non-petroleum operations yield RMB2.1bln sales revenue.

26 August 2010, Beijing - PetroChina Company Limited ("PetroChina" or “the Company", HKSE: 0857; NYSE: PTR; SSE: 601857) announced today that it continued to implement its “resources, market and internationalization” strategies in the first half of 2010 despite a complicated macro-economic environment. -MORE..